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We are a small London start up that wants a healthier and fairer future for all of us.

Our focus is on ethical products. And our job is to provide you with the best options we can find.

Decision making is now easy & transparent for you on our platform. Find in each product an explanation of their supply chain & ethical efforts.

Looking for specifics?



Welcome to the start of our journey together!

Let’s set you up with what you need to know!

Why we do what we do?

We love partnering with people who share our values! So we’d like you to know what we stand for 🙂

We are all about achieving sustainability and justice within product supply chains. We believe in order to provide great options for our customers, all aspects need to be looked into. This is why Green Ramona focuses on the use of both natural and human resources.

We believe in a world where people and nature coexist abundantly and where profit does not cost nature nor people. One where transparency is expected and Greenwashing dealt with.

However, this is no small challenge; which is why our main focus is on empowering & supporting women within ethical supply chains. This way, we tackle gender inequality while supporting the small businesses who are making a difference on the Planet.

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What Green Ramona helps you with?

Being a small ethical business owner is hard work! We know that so we’re here to help 🙂

Here are some of the things we offer.

Increase sales with no initial cost
We make money, when you make money
We have no listing fees! Access our niche customers and increase your sales with no initial cost.

We want to make this as fair as possible, so we offer commission-based accounts. This way, we make money, when you make money.

Free advertising & brand exposure
Showcase your product for free
Each of our accounts offers different levels of free exposure. From featuring you on our website to including you in our mailing list. We want you to use our efforts to increase your product awareness.
Easy, transparent & secure system
No hidden charges. Clear earnings from the start.
Complicated fee systems, get confusing & frustrating. When you have to add the £0.20 listing fee every few months + 5% transaction fee + 4% payment processing + advertising + hidden fees, plus, plus, plus…it adds up quickly and leaves you with little to work with.

We offer clear, easy and simple commission-based packages that leave you with more.

Tailored Support
Information is power
Get connected with the experts!

We want to support you all the way. Which is why we work with experts in different areas that provide you with free & paid specialised support for women entrepreneurs.

Get free tips, tricks & discounts to grow your business.

Free mini-site
Direct your customers directly & get more followers!
Each vendor is provided with a personal mini-site where you can drive your customers directly without seeing any other products than your own.

This mini-site can also be connected to your social media, bringing traffic from our platform to you.

Support Women Empowerment
Be part of the movement
Did you know less than 5% of investment goes into women owned businesses?

We want to see that change. By joining our community, you help us grow and support more women in ethical supply chains.

Technical Support
Anything you need, we are one click away!
Have full control
From shipping to policies; your product, your rules.
Smart Dashboard
Access stats, communicate with customers, set up your shop and more.

“I earned more than with Etsy”

As independent artists trying to compete with industrial prices, every penny of our small profit counts. After fees from a sale of our £11 bags, we received £6.53 from Etsy and £9.35 from Green Ramona… huge difference! No hidden charges and very easy to see how much we will make from every item from the moment we upload it.

A to V Collective
-One of our lovely vendors-

“Easy to use & great service”

We were looking for another way to promote our brand and Green Ramona offers a great range of services with its memberships. It also gives us access to general and personalised support. The platform is easy to use and anything we need is available.To us, it is important to have a good relationship with all our partners, the Green Ramona team is one of the best!

Inner Goddess
-One of our lovely vendors-

“Green Ramona is the future”

To us, Green Ramona represents the future. It is the type of business model that will allow us to move forward as a society. It is easy to use, provides great support and most importantly, run by people who care.

We share their values and are happy collaborators.

-One of our lovely vendors-

How does it work?

We’d love to help everyone!

However, to ensure we provide each of our vendors with the best possible support, we can only take a small number of new comers at a time.

So how does it work?

Our system is invitation based. We have a number of invitations to offer at a time. These are either sent out to businesses we have looked into and believe share our values; or entrepreneurs who have applied for an invitation and gone through the approval process.

1. Apply & chat with us
Learn about our eligibility process & get approved
Part of our mission is to ensure our customers with transparency within each vendor’s supply chain.

For this reason, we’ve set up a process where we verify the information provided by you through our research and later a short interview.

We want to know as much as possible about you, your needs and your product, to ensure we can provide the best support we have to offer.

Imperfection goes a long way. We understand having a perfectly sustainable supply chain, is nearly impossible for many. However, we do expect certain criteria met in order to be eligible.

Find more on this below.

2. Join the team
Choose a membership & join
After you’ve been approved as a vendor, you will get access to our platform where you can start setting up.

We offer different memberships that you can choose from, according to your needs.

You will also start receiving a set of tutorials & educational support to help you get settled. Along this, we will also offer specialised support to help you along the way.

3. Set up shop & start selling
Whoot whoot! You're almost there!
Once you’ve joined, you will be redirected to your dashboard. Here you will have access to everything! From your policies to your sales. Think of it as the control centre for your mini-site. Communicate with customers, process sales, check reviews, everything.

This section is essential for us to be able to sell your products and can take a couple of hours to set up completely. However, once it’s set, it’s money working for you.

To help you in this process, we have support and tutorials set up for you. However, we do encourage our vendors to set up their shop within 30 to not loose their spot. We want to help as many people as possible, however, we need to prioritise those who are as committed as we are 🙂

Our memberships

10.% p/sale
Growing Ramona
For those ready to get serious

  • Products: 25
  • Duration: 365 days
  • Customer Care: Extended
  • Marketing: Extended
  • Tools: Extended
  • Support: Unlimited

£20+5.% p/month
Bulky Ramona
For those of you who rather have a lower percentage fee

  • Products: 75
  • Duration: 365 days
  • Customer Care: Unlimited
  • Marketing: Complete
  • Tools: Unlimited
  • Support: Unlimited


More than perfection, we look for consistency.

Making a product that is 100% sustainable from raw material to end, is incredibly hard. As a world, we still have a long way to make this happen. However, consistent efforts & driven intentions create sustainable change.

We work with small businesses who genuinely believe there actions matter and actively work towards building a healthier, kinder and better planet.

Who is this currently for?

Please find below the personal criteria.

You are eligible if:

  • You are a female entrepreneur; or a male that actively supports gender equality with donations, activism or other.
  • You are a small business or independent creative (10 or less employees)
  • You create your product using waste; upcycle, re-purpose, use left over material, etc.
  • You are looking for support to improve your business and increase your sales
  • You share our values and would like to be part of our community
  • You are or would like to do this full time
  • You are willing to collaborate and share your story/content to be seen
  • You are willing to have an open communication with us to ensure a successful partnership

What products are we currently taking?

Please find below the product criteria.

Your product is eligible if:

  • It provides transparency of supply chain
  • It is an accessory of any kind; home, kitchen, garden, jewellery, etc.
  • It is upcycled or uses waste to create the product
  • It is produced within the UK or EU (please message us for other countries)
  • It is shipped to the UK, EU, USA & Canada
  • The product itself has no plastic (unless upcycled/recycled) and uses plastic-free packaging (ideally uses repurposed materials and/or ethical packaging suppliers)
  • It is vegan and/or animal cruelty free
  • It is presented with quality descriptions & pictures
  • It is updated when information has changed

What if I'm not eligible but would like to join?

We are always here to help in any way we can. If you need help with something, pop us an email. We have a group of partner experts that can offer you support with different areas. From photography to packaging suppliers, we will do our best to find you the right match and direct you to possible solutions for your issues so you can join us.

Our shop by cause system

What we look for in products
Protecting the
Planet’s Health
Ethical Trade
Waste & Pollution
Community Activist

How does your product impact the planet’s health and efforts have been made to reduce that.

What trade ethics does your business support and/or how is it working towards improving unfair trade.

How are you helping reduce the existing waste and/or manage your own, in order to reduce the impact on the planet.

Are you or your company ambassadors or activists for causes that improve social and/or climate justice within the planet.

Questions? We want to hear from you!

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