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We are a small London start up that wants a healthier and fairer future for all of us.

Our focus is on ethical products. And our job is to provide you with the best options we can find.

Decision making is now easy & transparent for you on our platform. Find in each product an explanation of their supply chain & ethical efforts.

Looking for specifics?



Save time & money

Sell with us!

Being a small vendor is hard! We know that. You need  to split your attention in a million different directions. From accounting to packaging, you are the one who either does it or directs it. Add to this, how high your costs are compared to large corporations; or how creative you need to be to compete with unethical  products being sold for a fraction of your cost.

We know how it is & we want to help!

How does it work?

We believe in long-term relationships, and that’s what we want to build with you. We work to provide you with a platform that goes beyond solving a problem. We want you to feel at home, feel supported and be part of community that’s growing to change the World.

So, if you are a small business that’s ready to join the revolution, this is what you need to do. First, check our eligibility marks. We don’t expect you to be perfect, but we do want to make sure your values align with our community to ensure we grow together.

Second, choose a membership and start setting up you shop. Follow our step-by step process or visit our Youtube tutorials.

And if you have any  questions, we’re here to help!

What our vendors say
``I got more for less``

As independent artists trying to compete with industrial prices, every penny of our small profit counts. After fees from a sale of our £11 bags, we received £6.53 from Etsy and £9.35 from Green Ramona… huge difference! No hidden charges and very easy to see how much we will make from every item from the moment we upload it.

-A to V Collective-

Perks & more perks

Free to join!
We make money, when you make money
Unlike other marketplaces, we have no listing fees! We want to make this as fair as possible, so we offer commission-based accounts. This way, we make money, when you make money.
Transparency is Key
No hidden charges. Clear earnings from the start.
Complicated fee systems, get confusing & frustrating. When you have to add the £0.20 listing fee every few months + 5% transaction fee + 4% payment processing + advertising + hidden fees, plus, plus, plus…it adds up quickly and leaves you with little to work with.

We offer clear, easy and simple commission-based packages that leave you with more.

Free Spotlight
Showcase your product for free
Each of our accounts offers different levels of free exposure. From featuring you on our website to including you in our mailing list. We want you to use our efforts to increase your product awareness.
Anything you need, we are one click away!
Have full control
From shipping to policies; your product, your rules.
Smart Dashboard
Access stats, communicate with customers, set up your shop and more.


Ready for a sustainability test?

Check Our Criteria

Our Cause-Based System

We embrace all imperfection!

Making a product that is 100% sustainable from raw material to end product, is incredibly hard. We are aware of how, as a world, we still have a long way to make this happen. Which is why, we focus on transparency, effort and intention.

We work with small businesses who genuinely believe there actions matter and that work towards building a healthier, kinder and better planet.

Which is why, we’ve come up with these 4 criteria to guide you. Anyone who falls within 2 of these 4 criteria, is welcome to join us.

Each of your products will then undergo a reviewing process before being published 🙂

Ethical Example

This section is for those that make an effort choosing ethical suppliers. Many people go that extra mile by researching the farm their cotton grows in or the company their packaging is made in. We’d like you to feel part of this cause, so we’ve placed some examples bellow:

  • Free of slave or child labour (start to finish)
  • Transparency about supply chain (start to finish)
  • Animal cruelty free (start to finish)
  • Vegan (start to finish)
  • Fair trade certified
  • Fair working conditions for all employees involved
  • Raw materials from organic certified farm
Protecting the Environment

This cause is focused on environmental impact and your efforts to reduce it along your supply chain. A good way to analyse this, is to ask who’s involved in your production line, and how this may affect global warming, contamination or other. We’ve listed some examples bellow to guide you:

  • Plastic-free packaging in all our supply chain
  • Made/packed with recycled/reused materials
  • Shipped with a zero carbon footprint vehicle or a responsible offsetting footprint
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Made to last efforts
  • Upcycled product
  • No harmful chemicals used in our supply chain
Protecting Health & Well-being

This cause is focused on looking after each other’s health. More and more we become aware of how easily our bodies absorb toxicity. Whether from a plastic tea bag or a shampoo, contaminating our bodies, is a lot easier than we use to think. For those super starts working on this, please find bellow some examples:

  • Toxin free
  • Organically sourced
  • Organically produced
  • All natural ingredients
  • Free of synthetic preservatives and chemicals
Show the Love

This cause, is all about sharing the love! We’ve added this section for those of you making efforts towards building a kinder society.  Those social enterprises working with remote communities or small businesses who always make an effort to buy a little extra to support their local care home. Here are some examples:

  • Reducing inequality & discrimination
  • Paying staff living wage
  • Working with community programmes
  • Donating to a cause
  • Part of city schemes as Water-refill

What We Offer

5.% p/sale
We got you!
Our way to support you during these difficult times.

  • Products: 10
  • Duration: 185 days
  • Customer Care: Limited
  • Marketing: Limited
  • Tools: Limited
  • Support: Unlimited

15.% p/sale
Easy Green
For those ready for the best

  • Products: 75
  • Duration: 365 days
  • Customer Care: Unlimited
  • Marketing: Complete
  • Tools: Unlimited
  • Support: Unlimited

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