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Did you know?


Early this year, the European Commission found 42% of "sustainable” businesses provided exaggerated, false or deceptive claims.


So what’s our existential purpose?

Helping you fight greenwashing.

Not to be depressing or anything, but we all know greenwashing is a huge issue.

Promoting untruthful information to gain customer sympathy, is a huge threat to the real and much needed environmental action.

We are here to provide a space of relief for consumers looking to make an impact with their choices.

How the hell do we manage to do this?

We're not gonna lie, it ain't easy!

We research, research, research and find out who makes your product, what from, how & where.

With our collaborative experts, we check each step of the supply chain to provide you with transparency; giving you back the power to truly make a change.


How do we make your life even better?

We save you time and make it easy! Apart from introducing you to amazing activists and independent makers, Green Ramona gives you the tea; who made your product? Does it contain any harmful glue? We got all the juicy info ready and set for you to choose. .

We are here to provide a space of relief for consumers looking to make an impact with their choices.




Experts and Standards: Meet the faces behind the traces, the stories beneath the glories

"So I thought...enough is enough! Something needs to be done. Saying it's sustainable, doesn't make it's the congruent supply chain that does."

-Founder, Maris Passarelli- 

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Collaboration is action!

♥ We LOVE community ♥  Nothing like a place of like-minded people who share the lovin' ♥ ...and of course, the occasional venting rant. Cause why can't I find any plastic-free vegan cheese around here?! Having said that, WE WANT YOU IN OUR COMMUNITY!




Macro or micro?

We welcome everyone! What matters to us is your passion to support the cause. Come relax and join our micro-activist community!

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